Design is more than just an outcome. The tangible elements that have been ‘designed’ are the outcomes of the strategic process that is design.
The tangible elements are able to be replicated without having gone through the process, and occasionally these replications are successful. But, contrary to common belief, the outcome is not where the value of design lies - the value is in the process.
If the focus is on the outcome, the process will be negated. This presents a business risk. Examples where the process is an elevated priority have proven time and time again to have dramatic effect in comparison to outcome-driven situations.
Anyone can produce an outcome, and here at Florentzos, we incredibly proud of our outcomes. But we are proud because they are proof of our process. Our strategic, successful design process. Our value is our process, and our outcomes are manifestations of that process.
This process may recommend minor branding tweaks, or corporate style guides to ensure brand continuity. This process may recommend large scale organisational and cultural changes. This process may recommend strategic positioning, and appropriate branding to support that. This process may recommend engaging in legal, product, web, or other kinds of advice that lie outside of our core capabilities. We are also well connected to experts in these fields to engage in this collaboratively and strategically.
There is no one-size-fits-all answer. This is because you are different. Your organisation is different. And if it’s not, it’s our job to make sure that happens.
Design is not just an outcome. It is a strategic competitive advantage. It is a leader and driver of innovation at our company, and we want to share that culture with you.
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